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If it takes you more than a few seconds to find a certain utensil, the remote, or that other sock, you may have an organization problem on your hands. Organizing your home may not be known as the most fun weekend activity, but it’s surprisingly easy and makes your life a lot easier. With a little creativity (and some stylish containers), your re-organized home can be aesthetic and functional.

Start where it matters

One of the busiest rooms in your home is also typically the most disorganized – your kitchen! Arrange items close to where they will be used – pots and pans in cabinets or hanging by the oven, mixing bowls near open counter space, and small appliances grouped out of the way of your workspace. If counter space (or kitchen space in general) is an issue, consider using a shelving unit or island to store items that don’t fit on the counter. Organization takes its own kind of creativity, so don’t be discouraged if it seems like you don’t have enough room. Take advantage of vertical space or open walls where you can put shelves for extra storage.

Regularly declutter and downsize

The easiest way to organize your home is to have less to organize in the first place! Clothes you don’t wear anymore, extra kitchen utensils, beat up shoes and whatever ends up in your junk drawer are all examples of things you can donate or throw away to have a cleaner and neater home. You can do this step first, and then organize the items you know you really need, or declutter as you go through everything. Either way, if you’re like most people, you have way too much “stuff” and can definitely benefit from a purge. 

Use containers with different functions for maximum organization

Plastic containers, baskets, jars, buckets, storage cubes – using containers in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom is your key to keeping everything neatly where you can find it. Instead of the kids’ toys being strewn across the living room (and everywhere else) choose a designated basket or use storage furniture for toys to be returned to when they aren’t being enjoyed. In the bathroom, use clear containers with labels (even if it’s just masking tape!) to stow your toiletries so they don’t end up on the sink or the top to the toilet. Similarly, you can buy mason jars for dry ingredients or utensils for an aesthetic and neat way to free up cabinet space or drawers. Display your jars on your countertop for a rustic, farmhouse décor theme!

Part with your paper

Everything is online now. Your bills are paperless and policy information can be accessed through apps and websites. Don’t take up precious space with filing cabinets or stacks of boxes! Recycle all that old paper and use the digital versions instead. If there are documents you must have hard copies of, like birth certificates, passports, and social security cards, just choose a designated (and secure) drawer.

These are simple starting points to get your house more organized, but they can vary for every space and living situation. Research options that work for you and your family and just remember the main points: throw away what you don’t need, use vertical space and corners for storage, and ditch the paper! Even if you just use these three simple changes, you’ll notice a huge difference immediately. Happy organizing!