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A laptop is a very important purchase – whether it’s used for work or play, it’s an investment you’ll want to make after doing your research. Here’s where we step in! We can guide you through choosing the right laptop for your needs without breaking the bank or ending up with a computer that isn’t perfect for you.

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The first consideration is also probably the most obvious – what size should you get? Think about how you will use your laptop: will you mostly be tethered to a desk, or do you need mobility? Are you a hardcore gamer who needs great visuals and a long battery life or do you view documents more than dragons? Whatever your usage, follow these guidelines to narrow down your choices:

13-14 Inch

Light, functional, and portable, laptops of this size are great for students or people on the go. If you work remote or like to always have your laptop with you, a small and light machine is the best way to go. 

15 Inch

The most common size, 15-inch laptops will usually work well for everyone and for all uses. If you’re not sure how much you’ll use it or for what, this size is a safe bet.

17-18 inch

If bigger is better (and you want a great screen to play games or watch movies on), you’ll definitely want a larger screen with more power. Though they boast a great battery life and beautiful visuals, due to their size and weight these laptops are best left in one place, like a traditional desktop computer.

Operating System

Depending on what you want to use your laptop for, your needs as far as operating system and power may vary. Read on for information about the operating systems available and what types of users they suit the best.


Windows computers do it all! A well-known name in laptops, your Windows machine can handle everything from word processing to high-definition gaming. Most games are built to run on Windows machines, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on your favorites! Windows does not have additional anti-virus software, but we offer Total Defense Internet Security with our Windows laptops.


Simple, sleek, secure. Google’s Chrome OS is perfect for students on a budget! If you don’t need a ton of power for gaming or streaming video, but don’t want to work with a tablet, a Chromebook could be your answer! Browse the internet in the impressive Chrome browser, write documents, and check email with ease, all with built-in Google features like Google Docs and Gmail. Chromebooks also offer built-in virus and malware protection, so you can be sure your work is safe and secure – all for a great price!

Do you have more questions? Want to see what Aaron’s offers? You’re in luck! Check out our Laptop Buying Guide for a more in-depth look at the types of laptops we offer, what each laptop is perfect for, and how rent to own works! Happy surfing!