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Cyclists have varied reasons for purchasing e-bikes.

Some are jumping on the band wagon of a still-developing technology trend. Some are investing in a cycling hobby. Some are reducing the ways they affect the environment and others are truly hoping for a financial benefit, either because they can’t purchase a car (or don’t want to) or because they want to spend less on all of the stuff that comes along with car ownership.

The Financial Benefits of E-Bikes

No matter the reason, if you decide to get around exclusively via e-bike, you’ll not only save on the costs of a car payment, but you’ll also save on car insurance, fuel, maintenance, registration fees, and all that other stuff that’s automobile related like parking tickets, repair costs, and stickers of your stick figure family. If you choose to travel via e-bike part of the time and via car/bus/train the rest of time, you’ll still save on some of those same costs and/or public transit fees.

It’s nearly impossible to tally up the exact savings using an e-bike can offer unless you’re 100% dedicated to using it to get any and everywhere and you’re giving up your current mode of transportation to do it. Subtracting all car expenses and adding e-bike battery-charging costs and occasional tune-up costs is easy. In some instances, the value of an e-bike may be in the financial opportunity one can provide: access to a better-paying job in a location that public transportation doesn’t reach, or somewhere that’s just a little too far to be riding a traditional bicycle.

The Health Benefits of E-Bikes 

Though the benefits e-bikes can have on your health are even less exact than those they can have on your budget, it’s commonly understood that active lifestyles lead to a reduced risk of developing diseases associated with sedentary living. And riding a bike—e-bike or otherwise—is definitely considered exercise.

Unless your doctor has directed otherwise, getting exercise is almost always a positive thing. And while your e-bike may provide some extra electric power to help you along on your ride, every effort you make in pedaling still works toward improving your muscle tone, burning calories, and boosting your heart rate.

The Environmental Benefits of E-Bikes 

One of the more definitive benefits of having a e-bike is its eco-friendliness. Unlike cars, e-bikes are very clearly zero-emission forms of transportation. They also create less wear and tear on the road and a have fraction of the carbon footprint that’s created each time a car is manufactured.

E-bikes offer plenty of value to riders seeking a variety of benefits. Ultimately, though, determining their worth depends on what you’re after. Applying to rent to own an e-bike could be a great option if you’re ready try out your first e-bike. Aaron’s makes it easy with low monthly payments.