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Before you run to your favorite stores on Black Friday to buy everything under the sun, be prepared with some vital shopping hacks. With having the option of shopping either online or in stores, let’s look at the advantages of both:


1.     In-store perks

Isn’t it a great feeling walking into a store and seeing a ton of sale signs? Whether it’s “buy one get one free” or “50% off ALL items,” you know it’s going to be a good day to save some money. Here are some benefits when you shop in stores on Black Friday:

a.    Early bird bargains – A sale so good, but you’ve got to grab em’ early since there is usually a limited quantity. Spoiler alert – the earlier you get to the store, the better. So, don’t forget to set that alarm!

b.    Immediacy – Once you buy it in the store, you can use it right away – no shipping required! Sounds great to us.

c.    Future savings – Usually, store associates will give you coupons that you can use later in the holiday season – you really can’t go wrong with saving money both now and later!


2.    Online options

Your pointer finger may get tired from all the clicking and gift choosing while shopping online. Luckily, you won’t have any heavy bags to lug out to your car and you won’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of crowded stores. Here are some pros to shopping online the day after Thanksgiving:

a.    Exclusive deals – online retail websites tend to offer standalone deals that stores don’t have. Sometimes you’re given free gifts and free shipping – don’t forget to reap those benefits!

b.    More sleep = less stress – sleeping in and still getting great deals? Count us in! If you aren’t a fan of waking up early, you can shop online any time of the day to get those sweet Black Friday deals.

c.    Wider selection – some online inventories offer more options than in-store. So, you’ll have a better chance of finding the perfect color or the right size!


3.    Which items are best (or worst) to buy

You’ve gotta be careful with “all” Black Friday deals. Here’s a list of the items to grab while they’re hot and the ones to leave alone.


o   Best

  • Video game bundles – Standalone gaming consoles usually aren’t discounted but you can snag a package deal with a console, controllers, and games for prices that are to die for. (Also, individual games are normally on sale, so if you need any new ones, stock up!)

  • Electronics – Even if the latest model television isn’t on sale, there will be a variety of electronics at affordable prices to choose from.

  • Home improvement items – Prepare for your next home project and buy any tools, power equipment or paint that you’ll need!

o   Worst

  • Jewelry – The holidays may be the time of year when jewelry is purchased the most but stores typically don’t offer discounts that are worth your while. Jewelry deals are best during March, late May, July, and August.

  • Toys – Unfortunately, toy sales aren’t significant until you get closer to Christmas-time.

  • Winter Clothing – “In season” clothing gets the short end of the stick for Black Friday deals (spring and summer clothing get the bulk of the benefits).

4.    Figure out what kind of shopper you are

The deals will be there whether you shop in-store or online. So, it really comes down to your shopping preference. Do you enjoy being out and about or just window shopping to see the latest items? You’re probably an in-store shopper. But if you’d rather avoid the crowds and chaos, then whip out your computer and get everything you need online!