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After saying yes to the dream dress and the open bar, your wedding budget may be tight. But, dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to help you save with some inexpensive wedding favor ideas. (That way, when your future mother-in-law wants to invite allll of her friends, you’ll be prepared!)


Personalized Matchboxes

Let everyone know that you and your fiancé are a matchmade in heaven with matchboxes (complete with wedding info!) for fairly cheap. Or get plain ones for even less and personalize them with homemade labels.

You can also add sayings that are unique to you and your significant other. Some of our favorites are “Let’s get lit!”, “Fired up to get married”, and “Burning love.” Here’s a link to help you get started.


Candy Bar To-Go Bags

From lollipops to chocolate drops, candy is a universal language that any wedding guest understands. If you’re going to indulge your guests with candy, have custom-printed baggies made so they can scoop their own. Or get the candy in bulk and have the bags pre-made for your guests – just be mindful of any food allergies and avoid peanuts if you can.


Wedding Survival Kits

When you are creating welcome wedding kits, for the guests’ rooms, think about weekend necessities and customize them for your big day. Having a beach wedding? Put together some sunblock, sunglasses, aloe vera and other sun-loving essentials. After the fun festivities, guests that partied hard will definitely appreciate a recovery collection of snacks, water and pain killers. Anything that will help them rise and shine the next day. Check out this link for sweet ideas on wedding kits for your guests.