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From pre-school instructors to high-school teachers, educators have the fulfilling, yet difficult job of teaching our kids everything from their ABC’s to trigonometry. This is a huge undertaking that should be shown some appreciation. Let’s take the time to give our children’s teachers a round of applause with some convenient gifts that they’ll love and use!


Re-usable cup + goodies

We all know how we feel in the morning without our go-to cup of coffee, tea or glass of water. Help your teachers stay hydrated, or stay awake and energized, by giving them a reusable cup for hot or cold beverages. Inside the cup, stock up on their fave drink choices: coffee, tea bags or flavored water packets. Plus, you can include little chocolates or small candies to fill up the rest of the space – they’ll love it!

Is this teacher extra special in your child’s eyes? Personalize the cup with their initials to make it unique and memorable. Every time they take a sip, it will remind them of your little one!

Trio of soaps

Teachers always have soap and hand sanitizer in the room (they are always trying NOT to get sick). Add to their collection by gifting them a trio of soaps with a cute little sign that says: “Hands down, you’re the best teacher around.” Choose three different scents, ranging from fruity to fresh linen, that will leave their hands feeling squeaky clean. They will appreciate your scented present more than you know.

Teacher supply basket

Teachers may start each year with more than enough supplies to set up their students for success. But a month or two into the school year, most of these materials tend to disappear (or accidentally end up in students’ backpacks). Replenish their school supplies by giving them a basket with important classroom materials, such as markers, pencils, and tissues.


Jar of Compliments

Teachers don’t receive words of affirmation as often as they deserve. Let’s change that by having your children write down little notes of kind and thoughtful reasons why they appreciate their teacher. You can put them into a glass mason jar and decorate it on the outside (check out this link to purchase a cheap mason jar!) Afterward, create a mini-card that can be tied around the lid, and write: “Want to give a little thanks, every day.”



Wrapped gift cards

Interested in giving but don’t know what? Gift cards are a great gift option for teachers. Use this opportunity to give them some cash towards their favorite coffee shop or retail store, so they can treat themselves. Not sure what they like? Give them a bank-issued or mall gift card that they can use at whichever store they please!