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Apartment life can feel pretty beige what with all the neutral paint colors, decorating restrictions, and that tiny, tiny balcony. The good news, though—if you have one of those tiny, tiny balconies—is that you have a space of your own for spending time outside. Even a tiny balcony is plenty of space for enjoying some fresh air and blue skies.
The headline news is that your balcony is ripe for zhuzhing up very inexpensively. A great side effect to living in a tiny space is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to decorate and furnish it. You do have to get creative though. We’ve got some ideas for creative products you can use on your patio to make it 1) useful, and 2) visually interesting.
Seating & Storage

When you need to add seating to your balcony, why not get something that can provide some extra storage, too? A deck box (or two) will do just that! You can use them to stash extra supplies that don’t fit inside the apartment. Or keep them empty and available just in case you outgrow your closet space inside. To make your deck box cushier for sitting, add weather-safe cushions or pillow on top.
Potting & Partying

If you’re a green thumb—or aspiring to be—a small potting bench will provide shelf storage for your pots, tools, and other supplies and a workbench on top for you to do your gardening work. Additionally, if you like to host little garden parties on your balcony, a potting bench will make an excellent little serving station, too. Similarly, an outdoor serving cart can do double duty as a serving station first, potting bench second.
These are just a few ideas for your balcony. If you’d like more, browse through everything currently available in our outdoor patio department. A lot of these pieces and sets will be too large for a small, space like a balcony. But, anything that fits has possibilities!