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Halloween season is a brewing and creativity is a stewing! Costumes are fun to pick and choose. But sometimes we need a few ideas to pique our interest. Since Halloween attire can be pricey, you can do some closet digging and local thrifting to find great pieces to put together. Here are five family costume ideas!


1.     Blast from the past

Throwback tunes are always fun to listen to, so why not dress the part too? Bring back some fashion classics and use them as your costume! Channel the decade you were born in, or one you wish you could experience. You can piece together the perfect items to make your costume! Interested in the 80s? You can wear some neon-colored tops and bottoms with a big hairstyle. You’ll be good to go! Need more ideas? Check out this article for more inspiration!

2.    Sports team

From sports jerseys to cheerleading skirts, dressing up as a sports team is easy and convenient for the whole family. There are multiple people to choose from: a referee, team player (i.e football, basketball, soccer and more!), or a ball, which is a perfect costume for babies! Go through your closet for sports jersey or t-shirts that you or your kiddos can wear!


3.    Superhero family

Have no fear, the superhero family is here! You may not be able to fight crime, but you’ll certainly look the part. Dress up as your own group of superheroes and wear matching outfits, masks and capes. Choose a color scheme and find t-shirts, leggings, and pants for each of your family members. Once colors have been finalized, go to your local craft store to get some fabric to make your world-saving capes. Here is an article to show you how to make your own!

4.    Zoo animals

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Bring your children’s imagination to life and dress them up as the zoo animal of their choice. Rather than cobbling together different pieces of clothing, it’s easy to dress them in a onesie. From zebras and pandas to penguins and monkeys, your family will look like the coolest zoo animals to walk your neighborhood streets. Here are some cool animal onesie options!


5.    Bank robbers

This costume idea is easy and breezy – compile all your black clothing, beanies, hoodies and pants, and make an outfit. You can use old hats and make holes for the eyes and mouth so you really sell it. Have a baby or a little one? They can dress up as a bag of money! Outfit them in all green and attach fake money to their tops and bottoms.