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Despite our best efforts, mealtimes can’t always be shared. But special occasions call for special treats, and sharing a dessert always elevates the day! We gathered some easy dessert recipes ideal for two (or more) so you can whip up something to share with your partner, favorite kid (we won’t tell the others), best friend or any sweet someone you’d like to keep around for some quality time.
Chocolate Truffles

These 3-ingredient chocolates are the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to your loved one’s heart! We promise they’ll get better reviews than any grocery-store box of chocolates with mystery fillings and they take hardly any elbow grease at all. Taste of Home knows how to help you win hearts with this recipe for Chocolate Truffles.
S’mores in the Oven

S’mores are an all-American sweet treat that are shared around campfires by families and scouts all summer long. But what if they could be made and enjoyed from the comforts of home? S’mores without mosquitoes? We are all in! This recipe at A Spicy Perspective for Easy Sheet Pan S’mores explains how to do it and even offers up quite a few variations on ingredients so you and your sweeties can successfully customize them nearly any way you like.
Malva Pudding

If you’d like to try a sweet that’s unique, BBC Good Food offers up The Best Malva Pudding. This South African dessert is a simple caramelized sponge cake that contains apricot jam and features a warm with vanilla cream sauce (included in the recipe link) for serving. Add some vanilla ice cream to make it an extra-special treat. Best of all, it takes just 15 minutes of prep time!
Easy Fruit Compote

A super simple way to make almost any regular ol’ dessert the highlight of the evening is to add a warm fruit compote to it! Once you learn how to make it, you may find yourself adding to all sorts of things—store bought ice cream, Belgian waffles, homemade brownies, or even plain yogurt and oatmeal. So, what’s a compote? It’s just a fancy name for fruit cooked in syrup! Look over this recipe page by Meaningful Eats and you’ll understand How to Make Fruit Compote with just the right sweetness and texture for any need.
Feeling fancy while sharing dessert doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive affair! These recipes will show you how to put together affordable, easy-to-find ingredients into treats that are so simple to make, you’ll knock their socks off (and probably your own socks, too).