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If you’re shopping for furniture, electronics, or appliances, but you want to avoid high upfront costs, try a rent to own agreement with Aaron’s! Rent to own programs offer an alternative to traditional credit or layaway options. With rent to own, you can get your products without the wait, even if your credit isn’t the best. To get started, choose your desired product from our HUGE selection. Select a payment plan that works for your budget, fill out an application, and once you’re approved, we’ll deliver and install your product for free. Once all your payments are completed, the product is yours!

Flexible Payment Options

When you rent to own with Aaron’s, you get flexible payment options tailored to your needs. For most products, you can select from lease ownership plans spanning 12, 18, or 24 months. And if you’re worried about missing a payment, sign up for automatic payments through EZPay!

Leasing PowerSM

When you’re approved at Aaron’s, you’ll receive your Leasing PowerSM, which represents the total monthly amount that you have available to lease products. Leasing PowerSM empowers you with knowledge about your leasing capabilities, letting you shop with confidence. Your Leasing PowerSM approval remains valid for 60 days from the approval date, though certain events may lead to earlier expiration.

Is Rent to Own Worth it?

Rent to own is a great option for shoppers on a budget. With layaway agreements, you have to complete your payments before you receive your product. When you rent to own with Aaron’s, we deliver your products as soon as you’re approved, so you can skip the wait. With credit loans, interest can build up until you end up paying far more than you expected. At Aaron’s, we stand by our promise of “no hidden fees,” so you know exactly what you’ll be spending. Plus, if your rental agreement no longer fits your budget, you can return your product with no penalties and no impact on your credit. When you’re ready, pick up your lease where you left off with a product of similar condition.

For more information on how rent to own works and the benefits it offers, check out our website!