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What kinds of products do you think of when you think about renting to own? Things like furniture and accessories for decorating your home? Big appliances for keeping your kitchen open all day and night? TVs and computers for engaging the family?


Yep, we have all those, but you might be surprised to discover we have a whole lot more you can rent to own, too! So, the next time you need something extra for your home, or a gift for a very special occasion—your’s or a loved one’s—and you’re not sure how to make it happen, consider renting to own.


Now, go ahead and browse through some of these unexpected items. You might find a link to exactly what you didn’t know you could rent to own at Aaron’s.


You Can Rent to Own a Leather Handbag

Fashion accessories have been highly-desirable status symbols since time began and an “it” bag can go a long way toward making a statement (even it’s the only high-end item in your wardrobe). If you’re champing at the bit to hang a big name off your arm, yes, you can rent to own luxury handbags without financing. 


You Can Rent to Own an Espresso Machine

Budding cooks are always craving new gadgets to help expand their repertoires. Browse through our rent to own small appliances for fun food prep tools like stand and immersion mixers, coffee and espresso machines, a pasta maker, bread maker, or ice cream maker, too!

You Can Rent to Own a Beverage Cooler

There’s so much variety in Aaron’s selection of personal beverage equipment, that you can rent to own your choice of  mini-fridges and beverage coolers for your favorite college student’s new dorm room or outfit your home (or home office) with something in a more “executive” style from our selection of bar carts and wine cabinets

You Can Rent to Own an Office Chair

When your home office needs something more immediately practical—especially if you’re now a 100% remote worker—you might want to consider investing in an office chair. If you’ve already been shopping for one, you know how expensive the good ones are! Lucky for you, office chairs are something you can rent to own!


You Can Rent to Own an Air Purifier 

Now that spring is officially here, the great pollening has arrived as an unfortunate but necessary side effect. You can keep the pollen—and other allergens—at bay inside your home or office with one or more air purifiers. Choose models with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtering for the best results as determined by the U.S. Department of Energy.


Now, the next time you find yourself in need—or want—you might find it worthwhile to check to see if it’s something you can rent to own!