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You can assemble a cute Easter- or spring-themed piece of wall decor for your home with just a few thrifted items and/or crafting scraps from around the house! This quick little project began with an old children’s book about baby animals that had started falling apart beyond repair. Instead of throwing it out, we decided to upcycle its cute, vintage illustration of baby bunnies playing in the garden.


  • an old picture frame
  • old book or magazine image
  • faux florals
  • ribbon or other decorative accents
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue


Step 1: Find an image for your piece.

Thrift stores, garage sales, and library book sales are great places to look for books and magazines that feature illustrations you can repurpose as decor. If you can’t bear to cut up a good book, look for one in disrepair and save it from the landfill!


Step 2: Source a picture frame that fits your image.

It’s much easier to find a frame that fits an image you like than to find an image that will fit a frame you like. Thrift stores are often overrun with frames of all shapes and sizes, but you can also look at your local discount store. Look for a frame that includes a back to make this project as easy as possible! Glass is optional, though. You can paint your frame to match your theme if you like.


Step 3: Frame your image.

Since our frame included glass, we removed the glass and used it to trace around the image. We then trimmed the image for a perfect fit, re-inserted the glass, added our baby bunnies, and replaced the back of the frame.


Step 4: Decorate your frame.

We grabbed some light green leafy pieces that made our baby bunnies look like they’re playing the garden. For interest, we included some different textures of leaves—some more like vines, others more like grass. Then we added a faux daisy to boost the springtime feel. We attached everything using a glue gun.


Step 5: Add more accents.

We found some fabric ribbon in an antique white and brown that matched our baby bunnies and the old, discolored paper perfectly, so we added it to the corners of our frame. This addition really finished the look, giving it more dimension and visual interest!


Altogether, it took about 30 minutes to assemble our project and it cost just a couple of dollars. It was so easy, and the results are so adorable, we may find ourselves shopping for more images we can repurpose for other seasons and holidays!