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Achieving the lawn of your dreams isn’t as simple as mowing (trust us, we wish it was). But with so many yard tools on the market, it can be tricky to know where to start. We’ve brought together a list of the essentials to help you keep your yard neat and inviting!

Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is the cornerstone of any lawn care toolkit. For most people, a good push mower will get the job done, but if you have a larger yard, you might want to invest in a self-propelled mower or even a riding mower. Electric and battery-powered mowers have become increasingly popular due to their low maintenance and eco-friendliness.

String Trimmer

Also known as a weed eater, a string trimmer helps you reach those tight spots that your mower can’t. These are great for trimming around trees, fences, and garden beds. Cordless electric models are convenient and reduce the hassle of mixing fuel or managing extension cords.


An edger creates clean, precise lines along your driveway and walkways, giving your lawn a polished look. Electric models are easy to use and maintain. If you’re looking for some extra bang for your buck, many string trimmers double as edgers.

Leaf Blower

When fall rolls around, a leaf blower can save you hours of raking. Electric and battery-powered blowers are quieter and easier to start than gas models, making yard work much less disruptive.

Hedge Trimmer

Keeping your hedges and shrubs neatly trimmed keeps your yard looking nice and neat. An electric hedge trimmer can make quick work of that overgrowth, ensuring your landscaping always looks sharp.

Power Washer

While a power washer isn’t technically lawn equipment, it can really polish off your home’s exterior. A power washer is great for cleaning driveways, sidewalks, and even your house siding.