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Do you ever find yourself staring at your closet, without a clue what to wear? Us too! The struggle is so real when trying to pick the right outfit, especially when you have a messy closet. Rather than buying new clothes, sometimes just re-organizing your wardrobe will open your eyes to what you already have. Start your spring cleaning by tackling your closet first! Maybe you’ll finally find your favorite shirt or a pair of pants you used to love. Here are five simple ways to take your closet from chaos to clean:


1.       Pack Up Last Season’s Clothing


Those winter sweaters and jackets have gotta go. They take up waaaaay too much space and you hardly wear them anymore. Use the change of season to your advantage by boxing up your long sleeves and replacing them with spring clothes and colors. You’ll be surprised how much room you have and how much cleaner your closet looks.



2.       Double (Rod) Trouble

Too many shirts but not enough space? Place a tension rod in the middle of your closet and you’re good to go! The top rod can be used for pants and longer pieces of clothing, while the bottom can be used for shirts and cardigans. Check out this link to get a tension rod for your closet.



3.       Store Your Shoes

We get it – it’s easy for your shoes to end up scattered across your bedroom or living room floor. Consider using a small pocket organizer that can drape right over your closet door to store them instead! Now you don’t have to spend time looking for the other matching shoe.

4.       Organization by Activity

Coordinating your closet space and grouping together your clothing is a GAME CHANGER. Save yourself time and organize your clothes based on activity! Separate your work outfits, casual wear and exercise attire and use plastic closet dividers to label each section. You’ll be keeping tabs on your clothes like a pro (literally).


5.       DIY Scarf and Belt Holder

Got some old shower curtain rings lying around? Now they’ll come in handy! Line them up on a hanger and make a new home for your scarves and belts. Just loop them through the rings to maintain your accessory pieces and you’re good to go!