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It’s just now mid-winter. Gray skies continue to hover. Snow and dreary winter storms are in the forecast for quite a few spots throughout the U.S. and Canada. Only the most hardcore snow bunnies among us can thrive during gloomy winter days like these. The rest of us may find ourselves wilting as we barely hold on for warm, sunny days.
If you’re among the latter, we’re here with some tips for staying positive when the weather outside is getting you down.
Turn on the Lights

Remaining in the dark can feel comforting when we’re feeling stormy inside, but turning on interior lights actually helps us feel brighter as we go about the day. Now, there’s no need to invest in a sun lamp or therapy lamp unless a doctor has diagnosed you with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Just turning on a lamp at your desk, or even in the living room while you watch TV, can be a helpful way to keep the gray skies at bay by adding some warmth to your surroundings inside.
Enjoy Some Chit Chat

Keeping to ourselves when we’re feeling melancholy works to reinforce loneliness and depression. Fight your tendencies toward deep, heavy contemplation! Pick up the phone, or open a chat window, and reach out to a friend. Even a brief catch up about the day, or invitation to share coffee soon can lift your spirits—and theirs, too! Even at times when we think we’re feeling just fine, reaching out to encourage someone else sneakily helps us feel even better.
Indulge Yourself

We don’t mean with a pint of ice cream every night—although that can sure feel delicious. We mean indulge in some time and attention to your self-care. You don’t have to shell out hundreds on a spa day or load up on the trendiest at-home facial treatments from the beauty supply. Just allow yourself to spend an evening after work in a warm, sudsy, and aromatic bubble bath. Give yourself a pedicure in the brightest neon shade you can tolerate. Moisturize with some softly scented baby lotion and climb into fresh bed sheets for a blissful sleep.

Remember, clouds eventually make way for sunny skies! And spring will arrive in a matter of weeks. Until then, it’s perfectly normal to want to cuddle up under the covers with the cat and feel the heaviness of gloomy days. Apply these tips to keep things from weighing you down for too long.