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If your holiday guests are bringing along their new mini-mes, you need to make sure your home is baby proofed before they ring the doorbell.

You may feel a little overwhelmed by all the things to be considered—especially if you’re not in the baby game—and you’re absolutely right to take this responsibility seriously. With the tips below in mind, look around your house from the perspective of your little guest. That will help you see what may be inviting from their perspective but dangerous from yours.

  • Look for objects that can fall. Secure anything that can be tipped over or pulled from high surfaces. Most hardware stores carry kits with everything you need for discretely securing TVs and dressers to a wall. Make sure floor lamps are placed behind other pieces of furniture and hide your power and networking cords out of reach. Place outlet covers on open electrical outlets, too.

  • Look at holiday decor. If your home is filled with more ribbons, bows and other knickknacks than usual, your smallest guests will be so delighted! They’ll also want to touch and taste absolutely all of it. So, consider a Christmas tree “fence” for protecting wrapped gifts and dangling ornaments. Relocate decorations like tablecloths, low-hanging garlands, baskets of glass ornaments, breakable figurines, etc., to somewhere out of baby’s reach.

  • Look for things that open. Secure cabinet doors and drawers in every room the baby may have access. Safety locks can be temporary and inexpensive—just make sure they’ve been proven to work! The same goes for doors throughout the house; you’ll want to head off opportunities for the baby to accidentally lock themselves in or you out.

  • Look for everything that’s sharp. Corners. They’re everywhere. And if your tiny guests are standing, walking, or running, they will run into them. Corner guards and corner protectors are another inexpensive but effective little device for softening those sharp spots.

  • Look at places that must be inaccessible. Steps, stairs, butler’s pantries, and bathrooms need to be blocked. Install safety gates that keep baby out but allow adults to pass through. Just remember babies can climb up stairs as well as fall down them. So whichever side you’re on, stairs need to be gated.

  • Other considerations. If you’re a plant parent, make sure your babies are out of reach from your guests’ babies. If your little guest is crawling or walking, be sure to vacuum and pick up debris from the floors. If you like to sit by the fire, ask if it’s okay to burn gas or wood with baby around—or only use an electric fireplace.

Finally, don’t hesitate to look for help! If you now feel more overwhelmed about baby proofing your home for the holidays, you can ask the parents for help. If they already know your home, they can advise on anything they expect to be a risk to their baby and if they plan on bringing their own gear for setting up a playpen, portable crib, or other baby-friendly spot. They’ll be happy to take the lead and provide whatever guidance you may need so their little one can enjoy the holiday safely.