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Looking for flexibility when it comes to getting the latest products for your home? Look no further than Aaron’s! We offer you the convenience of renting to own from a vast selection of products, making it easy to get what you need without breaking the bank. And with our same as cash option, renting to own with Aaron’s is more affordable than ever.

A More Flexible Way to Shop

Unlike retailers who require full payment before you can take your item home, Aaron’s gives you options. With a small upfront payment, you can walk out of our store the same day with your chosen product. No need to wait to save up the entire amount — we’re all about getting you what you need, when you need it. After that first payment, you can make your scheduled payments until you own it — or you can pay out early and save with the same as cash option!

How Same as Cash Works

For customers with rental agreements spanning longer than six months, we offer a special ownership option. If you pay off your merchandise during the applicable “same as cash” period, you’ll only need to cover the cash price, plus any tax and applicable fees (if any). The same as cash period can vary by location, but typically lasts 120 days, giving you ample time to make your payments with ease. For California residents, we offer 90 days same as cash.

At Aaron’s, we’re all about putting the power of choice in your hands. No more waiting, no costly upfront payments, just a straightforward path to owning name brand products. Visit us online or in-store today and explore our HUGE selection!

For more information on rent to own or same as cash, check out our FAQ.