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So you’ve decide to make a nice dinner tonight. Maybe it’s an anniversary, a birthday, or you just found a recipe you love – whatever the occasion, nothing will stop your decadent night in its tracks faster than a disorganized and dirty kitchen. But never fear! We have a couple tips to get your kitchen in tip-top shape for a terrific night, with a little help from Samsung appliances.

Clean and Arrange

In order to start strong, you need to know what you have – and what you need to get rid of. Do a refrigerator audit and toss expired condiments, suspicious plastic containers, or fruit that’s past its prime. Once everything in your fridge is useable, wipe off the shelves and all surfaces – you’d be surprised how many spills occur deep in the back of your fridge!

Once the surfaces are clean, you can put everything back in – with strategy. Generally, save your upper shelves for foods that don’t need to be cooked, like leftovers or prepared foods. Keep your raw meat and anything that needs to be cooked at the bottom of your fridge, where it can’t drip on anything else. Use the fridge door for condiments, as it’s the warmest part of the fridge – so never put eggs or milk in there. Got a condiment-crazy clan? Samsung’s French Door refrigerators give you twice the door space without sacrificing your freezer, nestled below. 

Maximize Fridge Freshness

Keeping thawed meat or fresh produce safe and ready-to-eat can be tricky, especially if you’re storing the meat and the produce close together – a cross-contamination nightmare! Certain Samsung refrigerators feature Twin Cooling Plus™, a dual-action cooling system that controls temperature and humidity to simultaneously lock in freshness in the refrigerator without affecting freezer air temperatures. The CoolSelect Pantry™ provides a full-width pantry drawer with separate temperature controls that makes an ideal space for storing party platters, deli items, beverages and more.

Get Cooking!

Your ingredients are fresh from your impeccably organized fridge and you’re ready to cook. No matter what you make, you’ll need a range that can handle whatever you throw at it. Gas ranges are known to get hotter and cook food faster than electric, so you’ll save some time if you opt for something like Samsung’s self-cleaning gas range. Self-cleaning ovens save you some elbow grease, and a rule of thumb is to clean your oven (or have it clean itself!) every three months for avid chefs, or once or twice a year for those of us that prefer takeout! A dirty oven can add a charcoal taste to your food, produce excess smoke, and even damage your oven. 

Deep cleaning your fridge and oven probably isn’t your ideal way to spend a weekend, but the benefits are worth it! Don’t waste money on spoiled or contaminated foods from improper storage and maximize your space by throwing out forgotten leftovers. Plus, your food will taste its best with a quality oven that can even clean itself! Whether your home is compatible with a gas range or electric oven, since this is your main tool for cooking and baking, it’s important to take care of it. Enjoy your all-star kitchen and bon appetit!