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As the seasons change, your kids may be more into pumpkin than watermelon and trick or treating instead of pool days. Just like their interests change, so should their fun projects! Indulge in the autumn spirit with these easy and affordable crafts for all ages. 

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Coffee Filter Turkeys

Use a few leftovers coffee filters after you make your morning joe for the cute, affordable, and easy craft! Your kids will be ready for Turkey Day in no time.


Pinecone Bird Feeder

You may remember this classic craft from your own childhood – peanut butter and birdseed make a perfect bird feeder to watch the bird feast from on their way south for winter.


Paper Plate Owl

This craft is a HOOt! Recreate everyone’s favorite nighttime warbler with paint and paper plates. Be creative and encourage imagination – have you ever seen a hot pink owl? Maybe it’s time!

Fall Leaf Crowns

You’ll be the King or Queen of Autumn will a crown made of leaves (paper leaves, that is)! Gather your royal subjects and create an entire kingdom of autumnal angels.

Corn Shakers

We apologize ahead of time for these seasonal noisemakers – if you have kids who love to make music (or just like noise), these shakers are the perfect craft to liven up a blustery afternoon. Earplugs not included.