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It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost back-to-school time! **screaming face emoji ** You may have little ones headed off to their first day of a new grade or you may be headed off to your own first day in a new college town. Either way, we have lots of school-related products for you to rent to own just in case you don’t want to lay down a bunch of cash up front to cover all of your needs.
For Grades K-12…

Starting ‘em off with a proper set up for doing their homework after school can give them a lifetime of good posture and work habits. Our pre-matched sets and individual desks & chairs come in styles for kids of all ages and homes of all sizes. Choose a compact worktable type setup if you have a cozy apartment, or an office desk with storage if you have more space to fill (or students to accommodate). Don’t forget the desk chair. Those are way comfier than a dining room chair.
For Every Grade & Any Age
Whether you or your student are going to school virtually all day every day, or just doing e-learning for some homework assignments, web-enabled computers are part of the regular school supply list… and the most expensive part of the school supply list, too. That’s why we have all kinds of computers available for you to rent until you own them. Shop our tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers, and computer monitors to find the perfect set up for your studies!
For Life on Campus
Post-high school students have their own unique school supply lists! If you or your student are going to be living in a campus dorm, you may be aware that mini refrigerators and beverage coolers are a necessity for every dorm room! Even if you plan on eating most meal in the cafeteria, it’s nice to have a fridge to store a few drinks and healthy snacks. Get one. You won’t regret it.
If you’re ditching the dorm life and moving into your first apartment, you’re going to need some odds and ends to make your new home feel like… well, home. Budget-friendly furniture that’s the perfect fit for small, student-sized spaces are highlighted in our guide for small space living. Check it out for tips on measuring your space, style, and more.
Starting the school year can be plenty exciting and stressful. Don’t get overwhelmed by everything you need to do and buy for the new year. When school studies require bigger purchases than just pencils and crayons, renting to own from Aaron’s can help take some pressure off your wallet and some stress off your mind.