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Faux Christmas trees are expensive! Live Christmas trees are messy. And both kinds can take up a pretty big footprint in your living room. Sometimes they become playthings for our pets, too. So, we solved all of those problems by finding some alternative Christmas tree ideas to DIY for cheap.
Christmas Card Wall Tree
When there’s no floor space for a tree, a little wall space will do! This wall tree is made of plywood and craft string, but we know green foam core or posterboard will work just fine. Just make sure you attach your tree to the wall with something that will hold for a few weeks. Then, clip or hang your cards on the string as you receive them in the mail. Check out the DIY here: Make an Alternative Christmas Tree that Displays Cards.
Coffee Filter Tree
This fun little tabletop tree requires fewer supplies and crafting ability than the directions led us to believe. A foam base, a dowel rod, round coffee filters, and some green acrylic paint diluted in water should do the trick. Take a look at the concept here: Easy Ombre Coffee Filter Christmas Tree. A collection of three trees in different heights and colors would make a fun dining table centerpiece.
Garland Wall Tree
The green pine garland used in the video instructions make this space-saving tree look like a 2D version of a traditional tree—with ornaments and lights, included! Try colored or metallic garland for a modern version, or create multiple versions throughout your home. Putting one in each kids’ room will go a long way toward getting them excited for the season. Watch the video by Engineer Your Space on YouTube.

Pom Pom Wall Tree
Sticks. String. Yarn. That’s all that’s needed for this colorful tree! The directions call for a pom-pom maker—which is pretty affordable at nearly any craft store. But, the old-fashioned way to make pom poms is free if you have some cardboard around the house. Pom pom making is labor intensive, so grab some friends and make them over coffee and tea. See the final product by Dora Does at The Pom Pom Tree.
Balloon Tree
Okay, in reality, this one may not be pet-friendly, but it so unique and inexpensive, we had to share it. The only materials required are balloons, glue dots, string, and air, but a balloon pump could be pretty useful, too! Watch how Party Eight assembles a balloon tree on YouTube.
We love to see your hacks for budget-saving decor! Share photos of your DIY holiday creations in the comments below.