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Velvet is, has, and always will be an ultimate display of luxury in homes. And since humans love to display our sensibilities toward the better life after we’ve experienced lean times, it makes sense that we’re seeing a big resurgence of velvet in current interior decor trends. COVID times are, hopefully, on the way out. Velvet is our expression of the better times we believe are coming!
Fortunately for us, today’s velvet fabrics—which were originally pure silk—are available in affordable ranges made from cotton, wool, linen, synthetic fibers like polyester, and various blends. Over the decades, the different ways of producing velvet created some extraordinarily tacky times (ahem, the 1970s), but modern manufacturing techniques have truly evened the playing field for those of us who want to enjoy finer things on a budget.
Keep it Light

During tacky times, decorating with velvet could have meant velvet walls, velvet window treatments, and velvet upholstery all in the same room. In 2023, though, the secret to decorating with velvet is to balance its use with other textures and textiles in your space.
The modern construction of the gorgeous Valley Velvet Bed in aqua above allows the piece to serve as a focal point in the bedroom without weighing it down. Topping it with velvet linens would be too much. As would adding additional velvet trims or upholstered pieces to the room. Instead, clean natural bed linens keep the space feeling airy and light but still rich.

Adopt an Accent

Including velvet upholstered accent chairs in your entry way or office space is an excellent way to add a little luxury feel where you know it can be enjoyed by others, too. This soft pink Giana Swivel Chair next to a small side table will make visitors feel like honored guests while the bold orange Hangar II accent chair would make a perfect perch for working from home.

Aaron’s offers a growing selection of velvet upholstered furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms and every piece is available on a flexible rent to own payment plan with free delivery and set up!