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Grandparents always have a special place in kids’ hearts. Whether they share living space or mostly visit over video calls, it’s important to take a little time to tell them how much they’re loved and valued for their role as guardians, trusted friends, and mentors.
We often think of grandparents as the ones who spoil and love with abandon. So, for Grandparents Day this Sunday, let’s turn the tables and return their affections! Get out the craft supplies and set your little artists to work on one or more of these easy and inexpensive projects for their special day.
Grandparents Rock!
This idea on the Kids Activities Blog was originally posted as a Valentine’s Day project, but it’s been shared on the web as a craft for grandparents, too. All that’s required are rocks, paint, and brushes or sponges. Send the kiddos out to find pretty rocks that are heart-shaped, or an easy size for painting hearts on themselves. Use a permanent marker or paint pen to write loving messages on the painted rocks. Granna and Paw-Paw can keep them on their nightstands or anywhere they can regularly see the reminder that they’re loved. Check it out: Heart Stones craft.
Rhyme Time Greeting Card
Simple Home Blessings shares this craft that uses a pre-written poem you can printout and deliver with your child’s handprints attached. But, if you don’t want to get too messy with paint, we suggest turning this into a greeting card. You can use a piece of white or colored construction paper folded in half from top to bottom. Trace your child’s hands on the front of the card and let them use crayons or markers to color in and create a whole design. Write out the poem on the inside of the card. See the original craft here: Grandparents Poem craft.
A Card Thiiiiiis Big
The Activity Mom offers another handmade card that can be hand delivered or dropped in the mail. You’ll need white or colored construction paper, crayons and markers, scissors, and tape or glue. We think you should let the kids decide just how long “this much” actually is. You can make the accordion strip as long as they want by attaching paper pieces end to end with tape! Get the instructions here: I Love You This Much Card craft.
The best thing about grandparents is their love of anything made especially for them! You can always set out art supplies and let your child design a card or craft completely on their own, have all the kids collaborate on one big project, or even have the grands get involved, too.