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Those of us who love baking cookies and sweets love whipping up our favorite recipes all the time. When summer temps are at recording-breaking heights, though, the best recipes are those that don’t require turning on the oven! And when prices on everything from applesauce to zucchini are increasing by the minute, recipes that use cheap ingredients are even better. We scoured the web and found four favorites that check all the right boxes to make this hot and expensive summer a little sweeter.
The Classic
These are often referred to as just “No Bake Cookies” because they’re the O.G. classic, but they’re also known as No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. Anyone who participated in regular group activities like scouts, church youth group, after school clubs, or extracurricular sports during childhood in the ‘70s, ‘80’, or ‘90s is definitely familiar with the rich flavor of these treats. They’re super easy to make and almost every home has the ingredients on hand. We found this recipe at Two Peas & Their Pod and it even includes replacement ingredient suggestions for those who need to avoid peanut butter, gluten, or both. Check out their recipe for Classic No Bake Cookies.
A Party Pleaser
Even the sweetest sweet tooth will go bonkers over these festive, cereal-based treats. How could you lose with an ingredient list that calls for fruity cereal, cream cheese, sugar, and sprinkles? Sounds like these would be ideal for getting young guests perfectly hyped up at a birthday party. If you want to give these a more grownup vibe, include the lemon extract. Otherwise, we suspect no child will miss it! Taste of Home has the complete recipe for Fruity No-Bake Cookies
A Healthier Cocoa Crunch
The Toasted Pine Nut shares this mouth-watering recipe that’s reminiscent of those famous brand chocolate bars with the krispy rice in ‘em. Didn’t we all pick those out of the mini candy bar mix first when we were kids? Anyway, these crisps are made from ingredients most easily found in the organic and natural foods section of the grocery store, but substitute ingredients are included, too, just in case agave syrup and quinoa are too exotic for your household. BTW, puffed quinoa really is pricier than, say, puffed rice. This recipe tells you how to make it yourself, though, if you want to keep your costs down but stick with the original recipe for Chocolate Quinoa Crisps.
Added Sugar Optional
Kirbie’s Cravings offers up these 3-ingredient cookies that grownups will love as-is, but that you can top with powdered sugar for any suspicious kiddos. Dates are naturally very sweet, but they also look like they might contain nutrients and fiber, those things that give kids pause unless they’re very well hidden! This recipe calls for almonds, but any nut will do. Try out these Healthy No-Bake Cookies. 
Post your review in the comments below if your family tries any of these yummy treats!