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Who needs sappy love songs, boxes of mystery chocolate, or giant teddy bears when you have your best girls, champagne, and waffles? Valentine’s Day can be overrated, but Galentine’s Day… now that’s more our style. Here are our must-haves to throw a Galentine’s Day party for the records.

Girl Power Playlist

First things first: set the mood with some jams. Just make a playlist beforehand so you don’t have to worry about running back and forth to pick the next song. And since it is Galentine’s Day, what better way to celebrate than to pick from your favorite female artists? We have a feeling that Queen B and Ariana will be making an appearance or two.

Having trouble filling up the playlist? Send a group text to your girls and have them add a few. That way you know your crew will love it!

Treats on Treats

We’re super into waffles these days – and on Galentine’s, who cares about gluten? They’re the perfect sweet treat and you can add toppings to make them just the way you want. Set up a waffle bar with fun toppings like fruit, whip cream, syrup, and sprinkles! Here are 3 easy steps to perfecting the set-up.

If you want to get really festive, grab some pink or heart-shaped containers to show off all those toppings. You can usually find cute, affordable Valentine’s-themed containers at a dollar store around this time. And if you’re planning on throwing your Galentine’s get together after V-day, you can snag some clearance decorations for super cheap.


Mix It Up With Some Champagne

Champagne is a must for any Galentine’s Day party. What’s more worth celebrating than your gal pals, ya know?  But if champagne by itself isn’t your jam, you can easily grab some orange juice and make it a mimosa, or mix it up with a champagne cocktail. Check out this recipe for champagne margaritas which also calls for some tequila. Seriously, the best of both worlds. Just make sure you and your ladies are drinking responsibly.

DIY Decorations

Last but not least, make sure you have plenty of decorations! Paper heart garland is our go-to. You can purchase one almost anywhere or you can have a craft night before your party and make it yourself. Try switching it up and using some patterned paper. You can find endless options at your local craft store!

Another quick and easy decorating idea is a candy hearts-filled vase. Just fill your favorite vase with the  hearts and add flowers for a festive look! And after the fun, don’t forget to replace the candy with water so the flowers last a bit longer.

Cheers to you and our very favorite holiday, Galentine’s Day!