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It already feels like winter in much of the U.S.! And with the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend coming up, we already know there’s going to be moments when we just cannot be IN the house any longer.

Since it’s Go for a Ride Day, today is the perfect day for pre-empting that feeling of being cooped up. How can we—and maybe the kids and the dog, too—ride off into the great wide open for a little while before we can even think about getting antsy?

Embrace the Outdoors  

  • Got snow? Find a snowmobile and ride it out. Got warm beaches? Surf the waves!
  • Ride a horse or pony at a public farm nearby. Trail rides can be affordable, and the horses are well-trained to handle inexperienced riders.
  • Get some yard work done! But only if you have a lawn mower that you can ride on.

Get Your Cardio In

  • Hit the gym but only use workout gear like a rowing machine or do a spin class.
  • Ride bikes all around the neighborhood, just like when we were kids.
  • Go rollerskating. It’s not quite riding, but it’s not driving either. We say it’s close enough.

Make Someone Else Drive

  • Speaking of driving, get someone to take you around to see the fanciest holiday lights.
  • Take the train or subway somewhere you’ve never visited in your own city!
  • Gather the kids and teach them how to navigate the bus system to get around town.

Just Have Some Fun

  • Visit a local farm that offers holiday festivities and hay or sleigh rides.
  • Find a local track and do some go cart racing.
  • Spend the day at a nearby fair or amusement park and ride every roller coaster!

Go for a Ride Day is all about getting out of the house and getting our minds and bodies moving. It’s also great timing for burning some extra calories since we’ll all be stuffing ourselves in a couple more days. Let’s go!