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We are totally obsessed with this She Shed craze. What’s better than an oasis created solely for women to drink wine with their friends, read a book or binge-watch the latest trashy reality TV shows? (Okay, so maybe finding the time to binge watch anything is a stretch, but you can dream.) But not all of us have the luxury of converting our shed-shed into a she-shed, so we found an alternative. Introducing: The Mom Cave, the new and improved (and muchhhh prettier) version of The Man Cave. The best part? You can create your very own Mom Cave in four easy(ish) steps, so you can spend less time worrying about a construction project, and more time picking out the perfect bottle of wine and chocolate for your girls night.

  1. Pick a room – If Dad has taken over the basement, find another room in the house that can work as your cave. Tight on space? No worries. Use your in-home office, the guest bedroom or even your own bedroom. The key is to just make sure it’s a room that’s off-limits to the fam during “Mom Cave time.”

  2. Paint it – You would be amazed at how much a new coat of paint can freshen up a room. We personally like calm, soothing neutrals like an off-white, gray or even a light blue. Plus, painting your room a more neutral color allows you to get a little more creative on the décor and accessories. Paint isn’t that pricey, but hiring a painter can be. Here’s one of our favorite how-to videos for tackling that paint job on your own.

  3. Find the right furniture –  If your Mom Cave isn’t super cozy and comfortable, you’ll never want to use it. Finding a stylish, comfortable couch or loveseat is key. At Aaron’s, we have a lottttt of options to choose from in a variety of styles, like modern, transitional and traditional. Plus, you can pay for your furniture through flexible monthly lease payments that fit within your budget, so it doesn’t hit you all at once.  If your Mom Cave is actually your bedroom, and you need a room refresh, we also have some really elegant bedroom suites (think: mattress, bed, dresser, side tables and mirrors). Want to know more about how renting to own furniture from Aaron’s actually works? You can learn more about it here.

  4. Make the final touches – No Mom Cave is complete without a few special accessories to make it your own. Personally, we go for accent pillows, flowers, a wine cooler and a large screen TV. Treat yo’self, girl. No one deserves a Mom Cave more than you.