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In 1995, a 10-year-old boy named Sean Moeller was quoted in the Des Moines Register saying he believed people were too stressed out and that’s why he decided to name August 15 as National Relaxation Day.

Now, 26 years later, we have all experienced a lot more stress and, as a result, many of us are making more of an effort toward experiencing real rest and relaxation close to home.

Now that we realize how important it is that we all shake it off from time to time, let’s go over some tips on how to celebrate the big day—which is Sunday—or any day at all. And by “celebrate” we mean “relax,” of course.


Veg Out

Vegetate. Clear your mind. Do nothing. Languish on a porch swing with some lemonade and watch the lightning bugs fly by. Channel your inner sloth and just hang out. This is for real. True idleness boosts creativity, problem solving, and productivity, too. If that seems counterintuitive, that’s all the more reason to try it!

Sloths are currently the on-trend mascot for relaxation; they like to vegetate in trees. We suggest entering your state of conscious relaxation somewhere closer to the ground, like on a bean bag.

Enjoy Some Game Time

What if you’re not the type to slow down and get quiet in order to relax? An invigorating distraction may be just what the “doctor” ordered. How about some game time?

Team sports, board games, and arcade games all can help you move your body away from focus on physical tension and get your mind off of tension-inducing thoughts. A little air hockey or foosball can help you shake out some tension and focus on something besides whatever’s stressing you out. Plus, it’s nice to have another player around to bring out the laughs and competitive spirit… as long as you don’t get too stressed about winning!


Delegate Some Housework

Regardless of how much you have going on at work… at school… as a volunteer… as a parent… anywhere you’re needed… It’s never a bad idea to delegate some of the ongoing tasks that keep you feeling overworked. We all live somewhere and we all have chores to keep that place feeling more like home than chaos. Re-assigning a regular chore can take more off your plate that you think, and you don’t have to have a child, spouse, or roommate around to take it on. Just get a robot vacuum! It’ll manage the bulk of your floor cleaning load—especially if you have a pet or lots of dusty bunnies.

Relaxation requires no additional gear, tools, teammates, or supplies of any kind. You can enjoy the day without spending a dime! But if you’d like to invest in a little something that may help you find a reason to relax more often, Aaron’s can help you rent to own the items mentioned above with no long-term commitment.