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As a parent, you love when your little ones bring home their beautiful “artwork.” But there’s only so much room on the fridge, so where are you supposed to display their drawings? Try turning them into more permanent home décor! Here are four ways you can show off your children’s masterpieces around the house.

1.       Playroom Art Frames

Showcase their art in their favorite room, the playroom! Frame their art pieces and just hang them on the wall. You can get cheap frames from the dollar store and easily swap artwork out as they create more. Now all those little artists will feel like they have their own little art museum.



2.       Hanging Display Wire

Add art easily to any room by using a clip photo display to show off your little one’s artistic ability! Every time they bring home a piece, you can clip it right onto the wire for everyone to see. Check out this super cool hanging photo display.

3.       Cork board Collage

Want to mix it up and make a collage? Use a cork board and some push pins and you’re good to go. Now you can add pictures quickly and easily. Here are some cork boards that are the perfect home for your children’s future paintings and drawings.


4. Family Canvas Project

We get it, sometimes you want to be a part of the creative process too! Next time, you and your kiddos can work together and create something awesome for your home. Check out this fun DIY canvas project that will make your next staple piece in your home a personal masterpiece.