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The idea of working from home while tucked into bed, propped against pillows, and typing away on a laptop seems dreamy to those of us who normally work out of business offices, but health experts say otherwise.


Sure, it feels sneaky and luxurious to get paid for working in cozy comfort but, the reality is, we’re exchanging our productivity, sleep patterns, and physical health for a temporary sense of soft security.


Beds, Sofas and Floors are Not Made for Working


Our bodies are resilient when we’re kids, but there’s a reason adults always made us do our homework at the table, maintain good posture, and turn on the light. Over time, bad posture wreaks havoc on our bodies and that deterioration compounds as we age, even if we don’t feel the immediate repercussions of our bad habits.


Working from bed, or the sofa or even the floor for extended periods of time means we’re sitting with our heads tilted down towards our devices, our spines curved forward as we melt into our bed pillows and, maybe, even our legs criss-cross applesauce. And, when ours bodies don’t get the support they need to maintain proper alignment, we begin to develop physical side effects that may include spine and knee misalignment, poor blood circulation, tension headaches, neck pain, jaw misalignment, sub-optimal oxygen intake, shoulder and neck pain, and even gastrointestinal problems.


How to Create a Better Work-from-Home Space


If the kitchen table and chairs aren’t available, you’ll need to find a way to get some office furniture into your space. Now, there’s no need for an oversized, heavyweight executive style desk. Home offices have become so common that it’s easier than ever to find simple and affordable writing desks and chairs to suit your needs without overwhelming your space.


Borrow a dining chair to use at your desk to keep things truly low-cost. But if a top of the line, ergonomic, modern desk chair is what your body craves, affordable new and used styles are abundant in online local marketplaces. (When people want to rid their homes of bulky, unused furniture, they often unload it cheaply!) As a bonus, local sellers are happy to arrange for no-contact pick up or drop off.


Once your little home office is assembled, you realize how nice it is to have a place to keep work “at work” again so you can go back to enjoying the rest of your furnishings as places for rest.



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