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If you’d rather study at home in your pajamas than in a freezing, stuffy library, you’re not alone. But if you don’t take the time to create the right study space, it’s easy to get distracted and unmotivated. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for creating the perfect study nook (for you or your kids!), because where you study is just as important as how you study.

Clear Out The Clutter

Step one: Get rid of extra junk. Whether you have stacks of paper or just a ton of things on your mind, clutter actually decreases your performance and increases your stress levels. Seriously! So clean off your desk and silence your phone to keep the distractions at bay.

We also love the idea of using desk drawer dividers to stay organized and keep things where they belong, down to every last paper clip. And if you’re having trouble finding dividers that fit your drawers, just cut cereal boxes to size and cover them in decorative tape. It’s an easy craft you and your kids will love.

Computer Desk

Clip Those Cables

Have you ever noticed that by the time you plug in all your electronics your desk is a mess? With wires and cables crisscrossing everywhere, those cables can be a total eye sore. That’s why we love these tips to hide those ugly cables! Our fav? Using twist ties to wrap up the slack and binder clips to anchor your plug-ins to the desk.

Keep It Ticking

This is a game changer. Everyone uses their phone to check the time, but when you see those unanswered texts you might be tempted to respond. (Or catch up on your Instagram feed.) Instead, keep an actual physical clock on the wall near your study area. Yes, they still sell those. Then, when you need to check the time, you’re distraction-free.

Create a Homework Station

When it comes to kids and their homework, you’ve probably heard every excuse in the book. Ever notice that when it’s time to really focus, they find a million reasons to get up and do everything except their work?

That’s why you should install a hook next to their study space to hang their backpack. It eliminates the need for them to get up and get distracted before they finish. And, as soon as they finish an assignment, they can put the finished work directly in their backpack. They’ll never be able to use the “dog ate my homework” excuse.

Creating Space

Two or more kiddos sharing one study area? Give them their own space by adding a bookshelf between the two desks or tables and include their favorite books, colorful art and maybe a few plants. You can even add a common area – like a reading nook – in the corner. Let them help create the space so they understand and appreciate the importance of studying!

Sounds like an A+ to us. (Sorry. We had to.)