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What gives you goosebumps, makes your heart pound and makes you jittery? Well, it could be too much coffee. But it could also be scary movies. And they’re perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit. Treat your friends to a spooky evening crowded around the TV while clutching the blanket tightly. You can all be spooked together as you let scary films transport you into haunted houses or towns with creepy clowns roaming rampant. Scare yourselves silly with these key things to host the ultimate Halloween movie night.

1.     Set the (music) scene

As everyone starts to arrive, set a scary mood with some music! Play classic Halloween tracks that people know and love, mixed with horror movie theme songs. Need some help? Check out these links for instrumental and classic Halloween songs. These playlists will definitely give your friends the heebie-jeebies.

2.    Get comfortable

Movie nights call for the ultimate amount of comfort with three things: Pajamas, blankets, and pillows. Invite your guests to come wearing their pj’s so they will feel at home. With the number of scary things on the screen, you’ll want to be as comfortable as you can. Blankets will help keep the goosebumps away and extra pillows are great for covering your eyes!

*Quick tip – sleeping bags are a great option as well!


3.    All the snacks

The best part about going to the movies is the snacks! Prepare a table with deliciously intentional Halloween foods that your friends will love to grub on. Create a bar with everyone’s favorite candy, like chocolate pieces, gummy worms, and licorice. These candies are also a great popcorn mix-in option. Interested in serving ice cream? Perfect, now you have your toppings too!

There are so many little snacks and noms you can provide that are quick and easy. Check out this blog post with our fave scary cheap Halloween snacks.



4.    Complete darkness

Watching scary movies in complete darkness is a great way to crank up the fear factor. Draw the curtains and turn off the lights so the glow of the TV screen is the only light in the room. But if you happen to see a shadow coming towards you all, you really might have something to be scared about…

If complete darkness is too much for you, check out this link for a cheap Halloween lantern!         


5.    A lot of movies to choose from

Not sure what to watch? Give people the option! Have at least 4-5 movies to choose from. Depending on the group, it’s good to have family-friendly options if young children will be watching. Check out this link for some good Halloween films that all kiddos will enjoy. Want to be scared out of your mind? Here is a link with the scariest movies that may give you nightmares.