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Those summer days are coming to an end and it’s time to snap back to reality since the school year is fast approaching! Before walking back into the classroom, check out these five important must haves to survive the new school year.


1.       Agenda or Planner

The key to cracking the school year code is to start off organized and ready to go! The best way to keep track of your schedule is to have an agenda or a planner – some schools even provide one for their students. Interested in a more detailed-oriented planner? Check out these awesome options.


2.       School Supplies (we know, duh)

Of course this sounds self-explanatory, but it’s easy to wait until the last minute to stock up on supplies. Set yourself up – and your kiddos – for success by printing out the school supply checklist early. Since kids love having first dibs on the notebook and pencil cases of their choice, you’re better off picking them up sooner rather than later!


3.       Label, label, label

It’s the worst when you realize that everyone has the same pencil pouch, laptop case or notebook. To make sure you set your stuff apart, label your materials with a permanent marker, or a paper label. Put your name on it, literally.


4.       New School Year, New Outfit

Nothing’s better than starting out fresh with a new outfit. Swing by the store and pick up an outfit for your first day back. You’ll walk through those doors dressed to impress. Tight on cash? Head to your local thrift store for some cheap finds – vintage never goes out of style.



5.       Laptop or Desktop

For most students, writing papers with an actual pencil is a thing of the past. A laptop or desktop computer is the must-have tool to write documents, create spreadsheets or do necessary research for assignments and projects. Check out Aaron’s options for desktops and laptops.


At Aaron’s, we want to make sure your transition back to school is suuuuper easy. Need a computer but unsure of what’s best for you? Check out our helpful laptop buying guide. From August 23-25, we’ll be offering a Back to School promo so you can load up on all things technology.