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The first day of winter is fast approaching and Christmas is on its heels. No matter how warm it is today, there’s no stopping the TV commercials of reunited families enjoying freshly brewed coffee in the morning and warm fires at night; they are warding off chilling snow scenes from outside the window.

Holiday movies, shopping mall Santas, popup winter markets are all saying the same thing: It’s time to get cozy.

How to Create Your Cozy Set Up at Home

You don’t have to actually go out into the snow to feel a need to cozy up, of course. Winter air can deliver just a slight enough chill that the cat coming in through its flap gives you a shiver. Kitty sure would like to curl up next to you on a soft throw blanket! Make sure there’s plenty of room for everybody’s paws and tails by upgrading to plush sectional seating with a chaise lounge or reclining seats included.

If there are paws and tails in the house, it might not be the best idea to light up a fireplace even if you had one. Shiver no more! There’s another way to create the very same ambiance. An electric fireplace looks just like a fire, heats a room more safely than a fire, features a shelf for your TV, and includes storage, too! It won’t ever be hot to the touch, either, so you can have your fire and play fetch with kitty having no worries about singed whiskers!

Cozy season means staying bundled up on the sofa surrounded by throw pillows and covered in blankets, so you’re going to want to give all those accessories regular cleanings throughout the winter. A steam dryer can help! Regular steam cycles can help reduce wrinkles and add softness to clothes and other washable things like blankets. A steam dryer with a sanitary cycle uses steam to destroy germs in fabrics. Those throw pillows that can’t be tossed into the washer can be steamed. Just be sure to remove all of kitty’s fur from the pillows first, and check your dryer’s manual for fabric care details.

That’s all it takes to get cozy! Curl up on the sofa. Play in front of the fireplace. Refresh blankets and pillows. Repeat. (And add a cup of brewed coffee, tea, or hot cocoa as needed.)

Stay cozy, everybody.