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What Is Minimalism?

When decorating a new space (or re-decorating an old one) it can be tempting to get lots of new décor, extra seating, or knick-knacks to decorate a mantle or tables. But before you max out your space (and your budget) consider taking on the “less is more” mindset.

Having “less” in a room doesn’t have to mean going without, but instead, relying on a few statement pieces to give a clean and sleek look to your living space. You can apply this style to one room (like a minimal living room) or streamline your entire home (excellent for a loft space!). Here are a few tips on how to choose minimal pieces to maximize your style.

How To Achieve A Minimal Look

1.     Clear clutter

There’s no way you’ll achieve the refined look of a minimalistic home with odds and ends scattered around. Clear the clutter from your tabletops, mantle, bookshelves, and anywhere else it collects. A great statement piece that can serve a dual function is a storage bench either on its own or as part of a living room set – it can be a nice centerpiece against a wall and hide items that don’t serve the style you’re going for. Think neat and tidy – if something looks out of place or busy, stash it!

2.     Keep your color palette neutral

Beige, grey, slate, tan – these tones create a feeling of calm, serene minimalism and are perfect for your zen sanctuary. They look great with wood and metal accents, as well as plant life (more on this later). However, if this is all just a little too muted for you, you can always add a pop of color. Maybe a bright red rug or a teal sofa! These statement pieces will stand out the second you walk in the room but won’t take away from the sleekness of your less-is-more home.


3.     Bored? Add color, texture, and some fresh air with plants.

If the beiges and greys are getting to you, an easy (and healthy!) way to liven up your space is by adding houseplants. Green, leafy plant life coordinates beautifully with neutral colors and purifies the air as well. Fresh florals also bring an understated room to life – just remember to water them regularly or you’ll find yourself replacing them! Remember, flowers and plants need light – and so do you!—so be strategic with the plants you buy and where you place them. You can also use sheer window dressings to let in as much natural light as possible.

Living Minimal

It can be hard to avoid the temptation to fill a room with “stuff”. But with so many benefits to styling a minimalist home, it’s worth a shot! Simple furnishings will keep your home looking neat and tidy and is also much easier to clean. Another benefit is for your wallet – choosing a handful of décor items and not over-shopping is a more affordable option without sacrificing style. Clean, chic, and affordable – what could be better than that?