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Instagram has become a showcase for all the best bits of your life – gatherings, vacations, outfits, and yes, your home. Hashtags like #modernhome, #smallspacesquad, and #interiorlovers show there’s a huge audience for interior design and décor. Want to be a part of the action? You’ve got to whip your space into shape first! With a few adjustments and a couple new pieces, you can make your home Instagram-worthy – without the professional stylist price tag.

Keep it clean

One feature every popular home on Instagram has in common (besides high follower counts) is this – they’re clean! Seems basic, but this goes beyond washing the dishes and hiding your laundry basket. Cameras, especially newer smartphones and professional DSLRs, pick up everything from crumbs on a table to a dusty mantle. Thoroughly clean the space you want to photograph. Organization and symmetry also make for great photos, so arrange items on your coffee table and shelves in a neat and tidy way for maximum likes. 

Choose a look

While mismatched patterns and fusions of different styles can be a bold design choice, you’ll likely want to settle on one design direction. Peruse those design hashtags we mentioned earlier and see which one speaks to you. Then pull themes, color palettes, accessories, and textures you like into your own space. But make it you! There are many carbon-copy spaces on Instagram and Pinterest, so definitely have fun bringing your personality into the picture (both literally and figuratively) as well. Remember – it doesn’t have to be perfect. Immaculately polished and positioned photos are for magazines. Social media is for real life, so show yours.


Natural light = great pictures

The best lighting is free lighting. Open your blinds and let the sun in! Natural lighting is universally flattering for people and rooms alike. Rather than artificial light which can be too bright or harshly yellow, natural light makes a room look, well, natural! It’ll feel like the viewer is actually there in the room rather than on a set or cramped coat closet with a single overhead lightbulb. Natural light also opens a room up to look larger, especially if the walls are light-colored.

Create a focal point

A brightly hued couch. A gallery wall. A shelf of tchotchkes and talismans from your travels. All of these unique touches lend themselves to interesting, engaging photos. You may have a living room of quality, tastefully arranged furniture, but it won’t stand out from the massive crowd on social media if there isn’t a spark of personality and whimsy somewhere. Again, be you! It’s the best way to stand out.

Bring some life in

In general and on social media – plants rule. They’re healthy, pretty, and are great space-fillers for corners and shelves. If you want some color, add a vase of flowers (available at low prices from farmer’s markets and grocery stores) in addition to a potted plant or tree. There are entire #plantmom and #flowercrazy communities, so don’t be surprised if you pick up a few extra followers with all the flora you bring in. Just don’t forget the watering can.

Showing off your home on social media is not only fun, but a great way to get ideas for your next re-design. Trends change, new styles are invented, and it’s all at your fingertips. You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to craft a well-curated home, or even gain a few followers from posting photos of your space. With your own personal touch and a few hacks to make your space look even better (again, natural light!) you’ll be #homegoals in no time.