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If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space to enjoy, you may be perplexed by how to use this unique area. Whether it’s a balcony, front porch, or carport, now that the pleasant spring months have arrived it’s time to create a space suited for enjoying the fresh air. Outdoor spaces are perfect for enjoying your morning coffee, reading a book, or even just watching the rain. Read on to furnish and decorate your outdoor oasis without breaking your budget!

A beautiful balcony

Many apartment homes these days come with a balcony – though it’s usually pretty small. Don’t let the small size convince you to use this outdoor area for storage! Work extra space onto your balcony by choosing storage benches for seating rather than the typical chair set. You’ll have a place to sit and enjoy your coffee and still store a small outdoor grill or that Christmas tree you only use one month out of the year. Beautify the space with a small bistro table, string lights for the railing, or even a bamboo privacy fence if your balcony faces a busy road or another apartment. Just add a few accent pillows and your balcony will be the envy of the building.

A posh porch

With a porch or patio, you’ll likely have a bit more space. Filling that space, however, without breaking your budget can be challenging. If you need furniture, check out thrift stores and garage sales! Many people upgrade their porch and patio furniture as seasons and styles change, and you can find lightly-used furniture for a fraction of the brand-new price. Another affordable space-filler is something very accustomed to the outdoors – plants! You can use trimmings form existing foliage in your yard (extra points for unique planters like a watering can or flower box) or purchase a few from the clearance section of your hardware store. If you’re in a very dry climate, however, your live plants may not get enough water from rain so make sure you know how much care your new plants will need before committing. Finally, once you have your foundation complete, add a few personal design touches to your patio to make it feel like home. Lanterns are great on tables for lighting, and if there’s room, you can even add a weather-proof ottoman to accessorize your chairs and maximize your outdoor relaxation. 

A creative carport

Just because its main function is to house and protect your car doesn’t mean you can’t also reap the benefits of this underestimated outdoor space! Designate a section in front of your parking spot for seating and mark the perimeter with an outdoor rug or lanterns arranged on the ground. Depending on space, you can add two chairs and a small table with a candle or floral arrangement in the center. One tip – make sure you know the length of your car, so you don’t knock it all over when you get home from work! 

Having space outside to relax and enjoy the weather is a privilege, so don’t waste it! With a few personal touches and some thrifted furniture, you may find yourself on your porch, balcony, or in your backyard more than your living room! Just don’t forget the bug spray.