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When the world feels uncertain and upside down – and our homes have become our schools, offices, and play time destinations all-in-one – comfortable, inspiring interiors can save our sanity. That’s probably why the interior design trends already leading this strange new decade resemble some familiar old favorites.

Though updated and elevated, shabby chic, farmhouse, and beachy decor are all experiencing renewed popularity and we can only assume it’s because of their shared roots in old-fashioned living and sturdy nature-inspired materials.

What these styles also share is the ability to be easily arranged inside the walls of old houses and new apartments alike. They’re reimagined in a way that makes soft backgrounds of neutral whites and grays, exposed wood beams, and original floorboards the ideal canvas for decor that’s considerate of ecology, economy, and personal style, too.

The Trends and How to Embrace Them


Combine the soothing shades and patterns of shabby chic style with more sophisticated accessories to elevate the popular look for modern tastes. Medium-toned woods or a combination of tones and wood grains are suitable here. Think mismatched wood chairs around an old farm-style table that’s topped by a soft tablecloth, and a sleek, brushed metal vase filled with wildflowers. The look feels reclaimed but not rusty. Its materials are textural but refined, too.


Farmhouse for the 2020s is more contemporary country than Little House on the Prairie. To build an interior on this style, lighter woods should be considered foundational elements ­– as floors and furniture suites, for example. Think cozy instead of cutesy and let airy fabrics, plush furnishings, and new or vintage-inspired needle crafted artwork soften the edges. Choose modern organic prints in muted shades over dusty, pastel calicos.


The invigorating but relaxed ocean side in an ideal inspiration for casual decor. Use the same canvas of wood floors and neutral furnishings to create it. Light woods or dark woods will work, but you’ll want to focus on one of the other while incorporating white or white-washed accents, and watery blue hues. Choose stripes over busy patterns. Keep it bright with sandy beiges instead of stormy grays. And leave the fish motifs in the water. This decor is sleek, cool, and cozy but not cluttered up or kitschy.

A great thing about these three particular trends is that they leave plenty of wiggle room for personalization or mixing and matching multiple styles. They all share elements from nature and tradition, so feel free to mix and match or introduce something totally new and special to you! Interior decor is never about being stuffy or stale; it’s about creating a place you will love to call home.