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Color and design trends for home interiors and decor often align with apparel just a little bit even if they’re never an exact match. But this spring, the only thing they’re sharing is drama.
Interior decor color trends will continue with slightly muted color palettes that can be mixed and matched into endless combinations that can feel either refined or quite wild. (Check out how Sherwin-Williams uses their palettes for 2023 here.) And fashion color trends? Well, they may be more vibrant than they’ve been since the 1980s. (To get an idea of just how vibrant, check out the mind-blowingly fuchsia shade of the Maison Valentino “Pink PP Collection” here.)
When it comes to our nesting habits, though, it seems we’re just not ready to move on from neutrals and pastels. All of the largest consumer interior paint manufacturers are forecasting colors that maintain the gentleness we saw in 2022’s trends. The difference now is that those pastels are dustier, the neutrals are warmer, and they’re being complemented by deep and dramatic greens, blues, charcoals, and browns. Plus a punch or two of bright color.
PPG Paints organized three palettes as part of their 2023 Color Trends Report. (You can view the full report here.) Their cornerstone color for 2023 is a deep, leafy teal green that we think could add a little ‘80s Miami Vice vibe to your decor if you like… or if you’re not careful. It could go either way! But that may be just the kind of drama we’re all looking for. And, now that we’re thinking about it, that shade of green actually looks really interesting with fuchsia, too.