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Bold Colors and Prints

Neutral paint colors like light gray or white are great for walls, but when you decide you need more color in your life, add fun, one-of-a-kind art or furniture that fits your style.

We also love colorful, modern furniture upholstery. It gives the room personality without feeling too old school. Plus, switching out patterned throw pillows is a cheap way to try new looks. And they’re easy to change anytime!

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Open Concept Dining Rooms

Do you actually use your dining room or is it just a place to put random stuff? Let’s bring it back into the mix! Say hello to an open concept dining room. It’s an inviting space where guests can hang out while the chef works a little magic.

You can try a dining room set with bench seating. They’re less clunky than high back chairs, and they give you more room when the fam is over for mom’s famous lasagna. It’s kind of like an eat-in kitchen, but “open concept dining room” just sounds fancier.

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Industrial Accents

Industrial home decor is all the rage, but what is it? Think open lofts and exposed beams. If you want to give it a try, just make sure you don’t go too far. It could make your home feel a little warehouse-y. Balance is the key here.

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Large Mirrors

Can’t pick the right art for your walls? Try a mirror! Sure, you can use them to check your hair. But they also help any room feel bigger and more open by reflecting all of that natural light.

Pro tip: try grouping a few together in different sizes and shapes to give an artsy, eclectic vibe.