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Now that hustle culture is out, rest and self-care are in and bedrooms are the place to be for recharging and relaxation every day of the week. Instead of treating yours as a secondary entertainment center where falling asleep to the TV is a nightly occurrence… ahem…  revitalize it with a gentle, spa-like atmosphere that sets a tone for peaceful refuge from our busy, technology-filled world.
Keep Things Light
When we’re looking to feel lighter and less stressed, we tend to imagine clean, well-lighted, airy sanctuary-like places. Don’t hesitate to bring that breezy feeling into your bedroom. Use light fabrics made from natural fibers for your bed linens. Also, don’t feel like you have to commit to heavy, oversized dressers and side tables for your storage. Consider smaller accent pieces like storage trunks, cabinets, or ottomans for your clothing and accessories. Look for pieces in natural wood tones, leather, or fabric that can be mixed and matched as needed.
Have a Dual Purpose
If you live in a studio, or if your bedroom is your only reserve in a shared home, a sofa bed or sleeper can do double duty by turning your sleeping spot into a cozy nook for reading or crafting or just hanging around during the day. Choose a modern convertible chaise-style sofa sleeper in colorful leather or plush upholstery fabric to keep your room from feeling over-crowded with furniture. And choose a more traditional sofa bed with a storage chaise if you’d like to tuck away those extra pillows and linens right there where they’ll be needed.
Keep Light Ambient
A well-lighted place doesn’t have to be buzzing with fluorescent overhead bulbs. You want to have enough light to read and avoid stubbing your toes at night, but not so much that you can see every speck of dust that hits your nightstand. A simple floor lamp with a natural shade or directional bulbs will let you keep your focus on resting and not dusting.
Ultimately, when it comes to relaxation, your space should be uncluttered with stuff, but cozy enough to feel inviting at all times. When you’re shopping for bedroom furniture and decor, remember to keep things light so you never feel weighted down by your space.