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Make the outside of your home more festive for the holidays with some bird-friendly decorations. These garlands and ornaments are inexpensive, easy, and delicious (or so we’ve heard). You can probably find all the supplies around your home, so gather them up and let’s make some outdoor holiday decorations!


  • pine cones

  • an apple

  • birdseed

  • pie pan

  • peanut butter & butter knife

  • berries/grapes, popcorn

  • ¼” ribbon, spool of thread & needle, scissors


  • Gather a few pine cones from around your home. If they need to be dried, check out this simple how-to about cleaning and baking pine cones at home.

  • Fill a pie pan or other large dish with birdseed.

  • Slice an apple so that the core is in the middle of your slices and set aside the slices.

  • Set out dishes of grapes or berries and freshly-popped popcorn.

How to Make the Apple Garland:

Step 1: Use the butter knife to spread peanut butter on one side of each apple slice. Then dip each slice into the pan of birdseed so the peanut butter is completely covered. Set them aside for stringing.

Step 2: Cut a about 3’ of ribbon and tie off a large loop at one end.

Step 3: Using the non-looped end, string the ribbon through the core of each slice. The garland will be heavy, so just a few slices with lots of space between them will be plenty!

Step 4: Tie a large loop at the other end of the ribbon. Now set aside the garland until time to decorate!

How to Make the Popcorn & Berry Garland:

Step 1: Double thread a sewing needle with a few feet of thread and tie a knot at the end.

Step 2: String popcorn and berries or grapes on the thread to create the garland.

Step 3: Tie off the open end of the thread and remove the needle. Loop some ribbon through each end of the double thread to help with hanging. Set aside the garland until time to decorate. Be careful not to tangle it!

How to Make Pine Cone Ornaments:

Step 1: Use the butter knife to cover each pine cone with peanut butter. Fill the crevices! Then roll each pine cone in the pie pan of bird seed. You can also use your hands to press the birdseed into the crevices.

Step 2: Tie a loop of ribbon or thread around the top of each pine cone so they can be hung from bushes or tree branches. Top them off with pretty little bows.

Putting it All Together

Once your pine cone ornaments and garlands are complete, take them outside and find some bird-friendly places to hang your work! You can enjoy the pop of color the decorations add to your yard while the fauna appreciates the treats.