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Linen closets are great for storing necessary home and bathroom accessories – sheets, blankets, and towels. But for some added style as well as convenience, take your towels out of the closet and bring them into your bathroom! There are super cool ways you can arrange towels to intentionally make them look part of your décor. Here are four inventive ways you can display your bath towels.


Towel baskets

Baskets are an organizer’s best friend – especially ones that are cute! They are great storage tools that give you the freedom to stack towels vertically, horizontally, rolled, folded. Showcasing your bath towels will be “on fleek”… if that’s still a thing. Want a personalized basket? Add a ribbon around the top. You can even add your initials on it. This is a great idea to use for your kiddos, so they can keep track of where their own bath towel is. Check out these cute and convenient towel baskets!


Wall rack

Sometimes you have one area of your home that has so much potential, but you’re not quite sure what belongs there. That unused vertical wall space is the perfect location for a towel rack. And you can even use a wine rack as a towel holder by rolling up your towels and fitting them inside! Or hang your towels from a traditional towel rack and save all that folding! Here are some great towel racks to choose from.

Interested in a fancier one? There are advanced stand-alone towel racks you can plug into the wall that will heat up and dry your towels for you – Cool, right?

Over-the-toilet rack

Your bathroom may not have room for a full-size towel rack so make use of the small space and add a shelf above your toilet. You can store your towels, and any other bathroom necessities, in an easily accessible area. And it’s great for when you have visitors over –  you can stock travel size hair products and body wash, just in case they need it. Need even more storage space? Add an over-the-toilet organizer that stands up behind your toilet – check out these awesome ones that can provide plenty of room for all your items!


Small towel ladder

Want to switch up your style? Towel ladders are a unique way to provide both a decorative and functional option for storing your towels. From rustic metal to vintage wood, there are tons of ladders to choose from – check out these options!