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Spring will be here in just a matter of days! The sky is bluer already, isn’t it? And the trees are greener, aren’t they? If you just can’t wait for sunnier days and warmer temps, you can add a little spring to the inside of your home in preparation.

Here are some easy decorating ideas to help you make your home feel more like spring!

Add Lightness with New Accent Furniture

If you’re already in the market for some new accent pieces to complete your home furnishing, choose utility pieces that evoke lightness while they serve their purpose. Something as simple as new lighting can freshen up a dreary space. Floor lamps and table lamps in chrome, brushed nickel or gold with white, natural, or light blue shades make it so easy to brighten up a room. Add an accent table in a matching metal, too, and you might just have the makings of a new favorite spot in your home.

Area rugs can also set a spring vibe while they cozy up your space. The rich, dark hues of Oriental style rugs will never go out of style, but they are no longer the default look for traditional and expensive-looking rooms. Modern luxury can feel fresh and light, too! Try adding an area rug with an airy vintage print, stripe, or abstract design in whites, grays, pinks, or blues. If you’re in an apartment that doesn’t allow much personalization, you can still create your new look by placing an area rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. If you’re on a really tight budget, find a few throw rugs in springy hues and use them at the entryway and in the kitchen.

Add Seasonal Decorative Accents 

When you’re all sorted out furniture-wise, you can bring in the spring quickly and inexpensively by adding seasonal decorations to surfaces like tables, bookshelves, and counters. First, be sure you start with a clean and uncluttered surface. Second, choose a spring-like color that will complement your existing decor and use it repeatedly as your theme. Pop some yellow throw pillows on the couch, top the dining room table with a yellow runner, and add some daisies (real or faux) to a glass pitcher on the kitchen counter.

If you’re a real a plant parent, repot your greenery in upcycled pots you’ve spray painted the same shade of sky blue or spring green and then place groups of them in the family room. Together, they’ll create bright pops of refreshing color and make your space feel new without much effort at all.

Spring is all about sunny warmth and new life. You can honor it inside your home by adding new things or by making old things new again! Whichever you choose, just be creative and think colorfully.