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When the weather gets chilly, spending time by the fire is one of our all time favorites. Whether you’re reading books, watching your favorite show, or playing video games, the warmth of a fire makes everything better.

Buuuuut, if you’ve ever had a wood fireplace in your home or apartment, you know what a pain it is to clean and maintain. On top of that, it’s a lot of work just getting a fire started in the first place. Just want to relax? Electric fireplaces bring the flicker and warmth of a real fire to your home without the hassle.

Still need convincing? Fine. 🙂 Here are our top 5 reasons to get an electric fireplace for your home:

1. They make your home cozy.

Humans have always been drawn to fire. Don’t believe us? It’s just science! Let’s face it — there aren’t many things in this world better than curling up by a warm fire (even an electric one). Electric fireplaces can give you the same cozy warmth as a fireplace without having to chop wood, light a fire, and poke logs around. They can actually heat a 400 square foot room up to 82 degrees, so your whole living room will be nice and toasty.

2. They’re great for storage.

On top of adding ambiance and warmth, electric fireplace TV consoles are great for storage, too. Some models give you shelf space for small plants, books, or decor, while others give you great cabinet space for video games or Blu Ray discs. No matter what, they make a great alternative to a standard entertainment center.

fireplace - 1080x1080 (1).jpg

3. There’s probably a size and style that works for you.

There are multiple options for size and style when it comes to electric fireplaces at Aaron’s. Whether you’re looking for a large console to accommodate a huge TV or a space-saving small console, we have different options in lots of different styles, like modern to traditional. To shop for a electric fireplace console, contact your local Aaron’s store to find out which options are available near you!

4. You can bundle them with a new TV.

If you’re getting cozy by the fire, chances are you’re watching your favorite shows, too. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your TV, and you’re also in the market for an electric fireplace, we have you covered. At Aaron’s, we have several packages that bundle 4K TVs with your electric fireplace console. Whether you want a 4K TV from LG, Samsung, or Philips, there’s a TV and fireplace bundle for you.

5. We’ll deliver them for free.

Like anything at Aaron’s, we’ll include delivery with your leasing agreement. You won’t have to worry about paying a fortune to movers or trying to borrow your friends’ trucks. There will be an electric fireplace sitting in your living room in no time! There’s seriously no easier way to get your home cozy and warm for the holidays.