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If you’re thinking about furnishing a backyard or patio, you’ll need to get an idea of what suits your particular space, what you expect to be doing in that space, and how many people you expect to be enjoying it with you.

Parties of Two

Don’t feel claustrophobic about apartment-sized outdoor spaces, or shy about introverted tendencies. Sometimes all we need to shake off the day is some fresh air and one good friend. Small balconies and parking pads can handle everything you need for tiny outdoor living. Place a couple of outdoor rocking chairs on top of some artificial grass, string up some fairy lights, and use a couple of wood crates as tables… you might discover outside is your favorite room!

Dining Alfresco

Whether or not you’re into grilling, you will enjoy dining alfresco—that’s fancy for “eating outside”—whenever you want if you dedicate a little space to it. Outdoor patio dining sets don’t have to be big, family-style productions. A single cocktail table and seating for two can make eating outside a more inviting proposition than juggling plates and beverages when we’re chilling outside.


Traditional Leisure Time

If the idea of outdoor leisure conjures an image of little low-to-the-ground tables and a campground-style scattering of chairs, Adirondack patio furniture will fit the bill. These pieces feature a classic style everyone knows when they see it: reclined, slatted chairs with tall backs and wide armrests. Pre-matched sets may include one or two end tables, but ottomans are also available so you can stretch out chaise lounge-style, too.

The Neighborhood Hangout 

If you’re creating an outdoor space with more of a living room vibe, lounge-style seating will encourage long conversations with lots of friends around the firepit or casual dining with the family. Beachy wicker-like styling and soft, all-weather upholstery give these sets an inviting feel while keeping them easy to maintain. An outdoor living room naturally requires more space than your average apartment balcony, so plan to set up these pieces in a backyard, or on a large deck.

No matter how much you’re ready to invest in your outdoor space, renting to own your patio furniture can help you stretch out the expense so you’ll have a little bit more to spend on the snacks you’ll want to enjoy while you’re using it!