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Adding cute decorative pillows to your couch is our version of putting a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. They add depth to your furniture and are super fun to mix and match – but sometimes it’s tricky to know which ones will look best. Here are some quick tips to consider when you’re shopping:


1.       Furniture Pattern

Back in the day, a paisley or floral couch with matching pillows was popular but not so much these days. When choosing your decorative pillows, steer away from clashing patterns, so your space doesn’t look too busy. If you have a design on your couch, use solid color pillows that will complement the space (and vice versa!)

 2.       Decorative Quote Pillows

Personalize your space with some cute little quotes, like a decorative pillow that says “home sweet home” or “relax.” Tossing a nice “love and family” pillow in the living room would be a sweet addition to your home. Interested in adding a pillow with some words of wisdom to your home? Check out this link.


3.       Accent Color

Love to experiment with fun colors? We do! Using throw pillows to add a splash of color is a great way to bring your room to life. Coordinate them with your décor and choose a color that you’d like to highlight in the room. Not sure how to channel an accent color? Check out this helpful guide.

4.       Custom Photo Pillows

Feeling crafty? Customize your own pillow by choosing a design, quote or even a photo! Check out this link which allows you to personalize your own throw pillow.