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Adding a pinch of greenery to your home is a great way to make your home more colorful and vibrant – and the best part is, it’s actually pretty easy and inexpensive. Plus, did you know having plants in your home can also provide a few health benefits, like lowering stress and improving your home’s air quality? Here are five simple ways to include planters in your everyday life:

1.       Paint the Windowsill with Plants


If you have a windowsill inside your home that gets direct sunlight, that can be the perfect place to add some small, cute plants. As long as you keep them watered, (we mean it, please water them), the greenery will add some nice color to your room. Now your friends and family will think you have a real green thumb, when all you really did was add some small pots from the local dollar store.



2.       A Big (Plant) Statement

Just want one statement piece? Place a large plant in the corner of your living room and you’re good to go! Just one larger plant gives you a nice green aesthetic, with the luxury of little maintenance. The only thing left to do is to water it and watch it grow…just make sure it doesn’t grow too big and block your TV.


3.       Homemade Herb Garden

Want to spice up your life, literally? Creating a mini herb garden is simple and may even help your cooking game. There are some herbs that actually grow best indoors, like cilantro, oregano and basil. Just pick the herbs you want, plant the seeds and ta da! You’re basically a gardener.


4.       How’s it Hanging?

No room on your shelves or coffee table? No problem! Try suspending your plants from your ceiling! There are a lot of different hanging containers and methods to choose from! Not sure where to start? Check out this link with additional information on good indoor hanging plants and ways to style them.


5.       Faux Plants for First-Timers

You may be worried about keeping your plants alive, (not all of us have the greenest of thumbs), but you don’t need real ones to have some dreamy greenery. Lots of places like the dollar store have fake or silk flowers for pretty cheap, and you can make your own arrangements to fit your personal style.


Want to take the leap and try your first real plant? Some aren’t bothered by air conditioning, don’t need direct sunlight and don’t need to be watered daily. (How’s that for low maintenance?) Here’s a link to plants that thrive in challenging conditions.