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For dog lovers every day is Puppy Day, but Mar. 23 is officially National Puppy Day, a day for all of us to honor the furry affections of the world’s most adorable babies. The holiday began as an opportunity for animal shelters and rescues to promote adoption, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself suckered by puppy-dog eyes this week. You could be welcoming home a new fur baby before you know what hit you!


If you’re new to these four-legged bundles of joy, now is the perfect time to go over a few things you can do to protect your home from four-legged destruction. Because, just like human babies, puppies can make messes that will leave you slack-jawed.


3 Tips for Protecting Furniture from a New Puppy

  1. Fight the fur
    When you have a pet, the biggest battle you’ll wage at home will be against fur. Your upholstered furnishings will attract it like a magnet. So, unless you’re planning to vacuum daily, you should consider placing throw blankets on the sofa(s) and chair(s) where your puppy will be loafing the most. It’s easy to toss that blankie in the wash once a week! Additionally, grooming is your first line of defense against a fur-covered home. Make daily brushing into a regular habit with your new puppy. (It’s great for bonding!)
  2. Discourage chewing
    Just like human babies, puppies like to chew. They don’t take to pacifiers, though, so you’ll need to protect all your wood furnishings and accents from puppy teeth. Side tables, coffee tables and other accent pieces can be easily fenced off with collapsible wire exercise pens, panels, or make-shift blockades like boxes. You can also purchase spray repellants that will make yummy-looking wood actually taste bad to your new puppy. Just be sure to test that spray on a hidden spot before you go all out and spray all of the table legs in your home!
  3. Invest in toys
    And, just like human babies, puppies like to play! Make sure your new family member has lots of toys from day one. Not only will they keep your puppy entertained when you’re not available for play, toys will help distract him or her from chewing on the furniture.

Along with those big puppy-dog eyes, puppies serve up so much unconditional love and affection, it can be hard to establish boundaries for the protection of your home—but you can do it! With calm and constant redirection from bad behavior, and the tips above, you and your young canine will live happily ever after.