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When it comes to curtains, you may not know all the fancy terms (What on earth is a pinch pleat and a rod pocket, anyway?). Luckily, you can still be the curtain master and transform any room. Just like the wide selection of clothes in your closet, there are endless curtain styles and ways to use them. We’ve collected a few suggestions that can help you make sure that your window dressing suits your home even homier.  

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Make Your Room Look Bigger 

Magic isn’t just for Vegas shows and kid’s birthday parties. You can use the power of optical illusions to make windows and rooms look larger than they actually are. Hang the rods higher and the room will look bigger. Extend the rods a foot past the window on both sides and, abracadabra, your windows appear huge! You can even hang them from the ceiling to the floor if you want to go full David Blaine. You’re making interior design magic and you don’t even need to pull a bunny out of a hat.  

Match or Make a Statement

The way you style your curtains can give your room the vibe you want from the minute you walk inside. If you want to keep things calm, match the curtain color to your walls for a seamless look. If you’d rather add a splash of color, contrast the curtain color to the walls or use a busier pattern so they stand out.


Block the Light 

A sunny room is nice, but some rooms get waaaay too much sun. Let us introduce you to the blackout curtain. They’re great for a baby’s nursery, night shift workers’ bedrooms, or blocking the bright lights of city life. Think of it as unfollowing someone on Instagram, except you’re blocking out light instead of that person who only posts pictures of their Keto meals. If you still want a little illumination, check out our lamp selection that will give you exactly the right amount you need.  

Make Your Own Curtains on a Budget 

Sometimes the bills can stack up — we get it. Thankfully, good-looking curtains are still within reach. You can channel your inner Pinterest queen and make your own curtains without doing too much damage to your bank account. All you’ll need are some drapery ring clips and a basic drop cloth. If you’re a visual learner, watch this video that will give you some extra help on applying clips to your curtains. With a simple curtain rod, your last step will be to slide the drop cloth on and start enjoying your DIY curtains!